Monday, June 24, 2013

Tips for Creating your Formula

Although formula creation is a simple process, typing your formula is the correct and the most efficient way is essential to make it work.

Here are a few tips :

  1. When you use variables, try and make them of single character only. This ensures that all the variables are unique. For example, if you are looking to make the formula for speed, which is distance/time, you should write is as d/t
  2. When you define a formula, it contains a number of variables. These variables are the values which the user is required to provide at the time of solving the formula. So, it is essential to let the user know which variable stands for which value. To ensure maximum user friendliness of your formula, enter a useful description. 
  3. Remember that the variables listed in the variables field should be absolutely the same as the variables used in the formula. For example, defining a formula as 'length*breadth' and then defining variables as 'l,b', will not work. Defining the formula as 'l*b' and defining the variables as 'l,b' or even 'b,l' will work.
  4. A useful description must tell the user which variable stands for which value. For example, consider this description for the formula of speed, "Formula to Calculate speed. Here, d = distance and t = time".
  5. Typing formulas on your computer is very different from writing them paper. On the computer, you will find that typing the formula is a bit more complicated, as it has to be understood by a computer and not a human. Using brackets and operators are important.
  6. Remember that if you have to multiply two variables, d and t, then dt will not work. You have to type it as d*t. Even dXt will not work. You have to use the proper operator as the computer understands it.
  7. You will find that when you have entered the formula and are checking it, it does not look very organized or legible as the formulas that are already there. This is because to look legible, the formula has to be parsed as MathML, which is not possible until the formula has been approved by a moderator. Once the formula has been approved, MathML parsing is enabled for the formula and then your formula starts to look good.

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